About me


I'm a Holistic Nutritionist and Plant-based Certified.

I believe in a whole foods approach, which means guiding clients to eating less processed, and more REAL food. My mission is to spread awareness on health and wellness. 

Prior to becoming a Nutritionist, I worked in Finance for ten years but knew I wanted to more in life. During this time, I was very interested in learning more about health and nutrition, so I enrolled in a Nutrition program.  I was in the program to empower myself and take what I was learning to help my friends and family. Yet, I soon realized I wanted to spread my knowledge to help more people in this age of chronic diseases.

In 2017, I combined my love for event planning and founded the Nourished Retreat in 2017. We run monthly and annual wellness events in NYC. From working directly with clients, to creating products, to running events, my goal is continue to help others in any way I can. 

Since becoming a Nutritionist, I have seen a lack of certain food and herbal products that I could recommend to my clients, In the last few years, I have also developed products to help people on their health journeys and build their immunity. I continue to experiment and make products that can help my clients live a healthier lifestyle.

When I'm not working, I love to travel, cook plant-based comfort meals, and hang out with my hubby and our two bunnies Skunky and Puffy. 

— Nadia Quraishi, CL.N.Certified Holistic Nutritionist