We’re back for our third wellness retreat. Due to popular demand, we've added another pop-up wellness retreat this spring! Join us on April 27th in Manhattan for a day of impactful and inspiring seminars, demos, workshops, 20+ wellness vendors in our marketplace, complimentary hydration, and connecting with old + new friends. Our Spring Forward Retreat will help you come away with actionable tips you will be able to implement immediately.

Venue: 342 W. 37th Street, NYC 10018


Our Speakers

Lennis Perez is a women’s wellness consultant, chemical engineer and certified in plant-based nutrition. She helps professional women smoothly transition into a healthier lifestyle without getting overwhelmed so they can find balance and purpose in their life. Through her 4 essential pillars of wellness program she has helped multiple women experience ease and joy in a sustainable way for lifetime results.


Dr. Elyse Tursi specializes in treating gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune dysfunction and hormone imbalance. Her work focuses on identifying the "root cause" within the body using very comprehensive laboratory testing & visceral stress reflex testing. She is an advocate of natural healing using botanical medicine, enzyme replacement therapy and clinical nutritional therapy.


Tatiana Ridley is a Holistic Nutritionist, Speaker, Wellness Expert, Yoga Teacher, and the Founder of Healthylicious Bliss, a global lifestyle company based in New York City. Tatiana's services include corporate and school wellness programs, yoga and chair yoga classes, holistic nutrition coaching, events, speaking, and writing. For nearly a decade, Tatiana has helped clients conquer their health goals. She is a sought-after spokesperson for elite brands in the wellness space including Sakara Life, Wearable X, and more. Tatiana speaks regularly at corporate companies, schools, and events. She has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, San Diego Living TV, as well as on Bustle, Well + Good, Everday Health, Rise, and more. To work with Tatiana please contact her at Hi@HealthyliciousBliss.com.

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Lauren Gitlin of Legit Oils empowers individuals with the knowledge needed to use essential oils with confidence. She is passionate about sharing these precious gifts from the earth with the intention that we should all be in charge of our own health and healing journey. Join her in this movement to awaken your body and mind with the powerful healing properties of essential oils. It starts with one drop, one person, one family, one community at a time.


Bridget Riepl is the founder of the NJ Yoga Collective and the VibeWell Yoga Festival. Bridget has taught thousands of yoga all over the Jersey Shore since 2010, as well as countless hours studying under transformational humans who have only helped to deepen her spiritual, emotional, physical and mental commitment to the practice. In 2017, Bridget founded the NJ Yoga Collective - NJ's lifestyle guide for wellness, health, happiness, meditation, mindfulness and one of her truest loves, the practice of yoga! Bridget is inspired by connection, her family, nature and getting vulnerable. She is most alive when she is working with others, serving as a catalyst for people seeking to discover their highest self as teachers and practitioners. She listens on a deep level, sees the big picture, and empowers others to live their dreams. Bridget was voted the “Best Yoga Teacher in Monmouth County” in 2016 and 2018 by the readers of Monmouth Health and Life Magazine. When she isn’t teaching, writing, talking, inspiring, creating and collaborating, she is on the beach with her kids. You can find her on Instagram at @bridgetriepl and @njyogacollective.


Lisa Paladino, CNM, IBCLC is a women's healthcare professional with over 30 years of experience. She is a Certified Nurse Midwife, Registered Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She is holds certificates in Herbal Medicine for Women, and Functional and Integrative Medicine. Currently in private practice, in Staten Island, NY, she specializes in hormonal imbalances, such as PCOS, Hashimotos Hypothyroid and Breastfeeding Medicine. She is the author of the best-selling book, "It Shouldn't Hurt to Nurse Your Baby" and the online course "Parent's Guide to TOTs", and speaks internationally on the topic of tongue tie in breastfeeding infants. She is available for in-person and remote consultation.


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Our Ethos

We believe wellness looks different for every individual and we are committed to helping you craft the life that makes the most sense for you. We’ll have a yoga class plus a fun workout class to teach you exercises you can do anywhere!

Our Values

We approach wellness from a holistic standpoint by taking into account your mind, body and soul. Our seminars and workshops are designed to help you create the life you envision for yourself. This event will have seminars and workshops ranging from Thyroid Health to Women’s Hormones to Tips for Healthy Takeout.

Our Mission

Our community understands wellness is not a short-term fad, it’s a lifestyle that encompasses every facet of our lives. Together we will learn, grow and support each other on this path to becoming healthier and happier versions of ourselves!

Our Partners

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