Nourished Retreat

The Growing Stronger Together retreat is designed to empower you to be the best version of yourself!

Understanding the challenges of your personal and professional lives, we incorporated seminars, workshops, and demonstrations that will help you make real changes easier.

Venue: 342 W. 37th Street, NYC 10018



Fitness classes

Our Ethos

We believe wellness looks different for every individual and we are committed to helping you craft the life that makes the most sense for you. This year we are including guided meditation, yoga and a fun jump rope class to our program!


seminars & workshops

Our Values

We approach wellness from a holistic standpoint by taking into account your mind, body and soul. Our seminars and workshops are designed to help you create the life you envision for yourself. This year our offerings range from Ayurveda to green beauty workshop.


Supportive Community

Our Mission

Our community understands wellness is not a short-term fad, it’s a lifestyle that encompasses every facet of our lives. Together we will learn, grow and support each other on this path to becoming healthier and happier versions of ourselves!

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Schedule & Programming

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